Frequently asked questions

How many seasonal clerk positions do you offer?

We offer around 40 seasonal clerkships per year.

Does DLA Piper offer a special programme for seasonal clerks?

We have launched a seasonal clerk programme which is led by two of our senior associates. Effective training and getting to know the firm are at the heart of this programme. A frequent exchange as well as team spirit are delivered through a monthly meeting with drinks and food.

Does DLA Piper offer internships?

Yes. We offer approximately 20 to 30 internships in all of our practice areas per year. The minimum duration is four weeks. We are pleased to receive your speculative application.

What exactly does the DLA Piper Career Academy offer?

This helps you develop consistent business skills at each step of your career. Furthermore it serves to establish a cohesive business culture as well as the foundation of international networking opportunities.

Do you also offer secondments for associates?

We offer an internal secondment programme through which we enable our associates to spend some time abroad in one of our offices. We also offer in-house secondments at our international clients.

How long are the secondments?

Short term secondments last between two to twelve months. Long term secondments last from one up to three years.

Can I apply online?

Yes you can apply online. Visit our job board to view of our vacancies.

Can business lawyers apply as well?

We are always looking for business lawyers (m/f) for our locations in Germany. Visit our job board to find a corresponding job posting.